Bare Intimates was created as a inspirational guide and resource tool for women. After scoring the internet, we have gathered a complete collection of lingerie, informational guides, and beauty tips – all in one spot. From sexy and seductive to body shaping and delicate lace, we have compiled what we think is the best lingerie for the most affordable prices.


We’re not just posting anything and everything, this website is a curatorial effort on our personal style and tastes on lingerie, make up and other necessities we love. Our intent is to help women feel their best, most confident and the most beautiful they have ever felt. Confidence is built on one’s capability to feel unique, beautiful and smart – whether it’s through your career or with fashion, it grows from the inside out. We’re here to help you discover and bring out that raw confidence, your bare intimates.

We feature only the most pretty and style centric lingerie and beauty content, continually discovering new and brilliantly talented designers with an affinity for all things gorgeous, and the personal loves of editor, Erinn Brown.

Erinn Brown


Erinn Brown has entertained a passion for girly things since she can remember. From dress up to wedding gowns, she has always adored the delicate fabrics and pretty colors. Her enthusiasm for love, simplicity and beauty grew in to a lifelong passion to creatively work to bring inspiration to all kinds of women. She began her career in wedding design and bridal fashion, and not long after that did she discover the world of lingerie. She consistently brings fun and fresh ideas to the lingerie industry, infusing them with her optimistic personality and clever eye for color. Calling Orlando, Florida home, when she’s not in her office she can be found brunching, shopping and thinking how deep down, she really just wants to be a broadway singing sensation.


We love discovering new pieces, new designers and artists to bring you the most current up to date trends in the industry. If you are a designer looking for some exposure, or a reader looking for something specific, email us at [email protected]– we’d love to hear from you.

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