How to Use Mousse for Wavy Hair

How to Use Mousse for Wavy Hair

There was a time when bobbing hair was a big trend. 

Curious and wanting to try the hairstyle, I remembered trying to achieve it without the proper knowledge.

So today I decided to use the internet to know more about enhancing the bob hairstyle and proper application of hair products.  

After hours of research, my bobbing hairstyle is finally perfect thanks to the information I found over the internet. 

If your wavy locks are preventing you from sporting a great bobbing hairstyle, never worry!

All you need is to acquire the best mousse for wavy hair to tame your locks and achieve the hairstyle you want! 

How to Use Mousse for Wavy Hair

Why Choose Mousse Among Other Hair Products

There are a lot of ways to tame and maintain your wavy hair. 

However, it is necessary to know the right hair products along with the right procedures to make hairstyling easier. 

Here are some of the commonly-used hair products and the proper ways in using them to your advantage. 

As you read along the different products presented, one might not resist comparing them all against a hair mousse. 

Before you are some comparisons made between several hair styling products and the benefits and advantages of using a hair mousse.  


This can be considered as the most commonly used product on the market today. 

Wax is warmly received due to the ease of use and its suitability for many situations and different hair qualities. 

If used properly, it is probably the ideal product to use in styling your hair while taming rebellious hair strands. 

However, it is only most effective when used to style straight hair and is proven to be not helpful when styling curly hair.

It is therefore important to keep in mind your hair type before using wax to tame your hair strands! 


A gel is also a proven helpful hair product in maintaining one’s hairstyle. 

One may choose between a strong styling or a soft styling one depending on how much hold your hairstyle needs. 

Despite how some deem gel as an effective hair styling product, it is still not an all-around product. 

Although it is effective when used on dry hair, it does not offer the same effectivity if you style your hair wet. 

Unlike mousse, a hair gel is heavier, weighs down your hair, and can make your hair greasy after long periods of time. 

If you don’t want to show off a greasy and flakes floating around your hairstyle, mousse is a better option. 


Having thick or curly hair is a bit difficult to style around. 

Usually, pomade is used to tame thick or curly hair due to its strong hold characteristic that can hold hairstyles for hours. 

However, its stronghold may cause a drying effect and may even leave some hairstyles flaky. 

If you don’t want to sport such a dry hairstyle and flakes floating around it, you may want to try using a hair mousse. 

With the best mousse for wavy hair or even for curly ones, you will not have to worry about your hair drying out!

Tips to create bobbing hair

After realizing the many benefits and advantages a hair mousse can offer, it’s time to create the hairstyle you want to achieve. 

After choosing the best mousse for wavy hair or perhaps a curly hair, it’s time to achieve the hairstyle you badly want! 

Make sure to style your hair with styling products and familiar tools such as combs, dryers, straightening machines for a voluminous, shiny hair. 

If you are aiming to achieve the ‘bobbing’ hair, here are some steps you can follow: 

1. Dry your hair thoroughly:  

It is easier to manipulate and style your hair while it’s still damp.

After washing your hair, use a damp washcloth to initially dry it before having it fully dried by air.

2. Apply mousse to hair:

Spray mousse on your palm and gently massage hair from root to tip.

How to Use Mousse for Wavy Hair

Do not be afraid to apply a generous amount if you are using the best mousse brands.

The best brands tend to have a very light consistency and do not make your hair sticky.

3. Divide your hair and create volume:

Take sections from your hair, divide it into two, and spray water through it to create the desired volume.

How to Use Mousse for Wavy Hair

 Use a brush-style comb to lift the hair up while spraying through sections to keep the volume.

4. Clamp the dried hair back:

Use a duck clip to hold back the two parts of the hair that have just been dried.

Roll your head down and pull all your hair forward. Gently shake your head back and forth to move your hair.

The more hair you move, the more natural it will look. Do not worry if your hair is tangled through the fold.

5. Continue drying and combing the rest of your hair:

Take 2 sections of your hair that’s already dried and clamped as a focal point.

Divide the remaining hair and blow-dry it into different sections.

Put a round comb or brush under the hairline just to make sure that different hair sections are evenly dried out.

6. Pay attention to the ends of the hair:

Pay special attention to the ends, put the brush and dryer to the end of the hair.

You will see the difference in the hair when the ends are in place.

7. Air dry hair to avoid it from being sticky:

 If your hair is thin, let it rest naturally and air dry it otherwise it will be very easy to flatten and lose volume.

8. Create natural curls: 

 Roll your hair into a bun on the top of your head and leave it on for 10 to 15 to achieve natural curls.

Gently brush the styling cream onto your hair. Slide your fingers through sections to add volume to your hair.

Expert advice

– You should invest in a professional hairdryer with a small tube attached. 

With the small tip of a dryer, you can easily dry your hair to perfection. 

– To have shiny, velvety soft hair after styling, especially with dry hair, you should apply a hair mask after shampooing for 5 to 10 minutes.

This is to provide water and nutrients to the hair. You can also use a hair balm if necessary. 

– Curly hair is the sexiest when you finish drying your hair overnight. 

By the next morning, you can use a light shampoo on the hair roots to regain puffiness, then gently dry to complete the hairstyle.