Product Review- Soak Wash

Product Review: Soak Wash

I ordered myself some Soak Wash to test out before the holidays – and I’m just getting around to reviewing it! Good thing though, because I absolutely adore it. I ordered the Soak Celebration 4 oz. bottle to test. Soak, known for being a leading liquid laundry soap for delicates, attracted me because of it’s biodegradable, phosphate-free and eco-friendly chemicals. The packaging is, quite simply, adorable. As a web & graphic designer by day, I love the marketing & branding Soak uses. Simple is perfection.

Product Review- Soak Wash

But I digress, the scent of Soak Celebration is lovely. Not overbearing like most scented detergents, but subtle enough to make you catch a hint of something special and go back for more. Instructions are easy, and can be found on their website. I’ll break it down for you here:

1. What you’ll need: Soak Wash, Teaspoon, Dirty Intimates.

Product Review- Soak Wash2. Fill your sink with cold water (most sinks are based on a galleon sized scale). Pour one teaspoon of Soak under the cool running faucet. Product Review- Soak Wash3. Soak your intimates for 15 minutes in the cool mixture. Colors may run in to the water, but the fabric friendly soaps won’t allow the colors to blend in to your garments. (Still, it’s worth testing separately prior if you are worried). Product Review- Soak Wash4. Best part? No rinsing! Just squeeze out the water and hang to dry. Product Review- Soak Wash

Overall I’m really satisfied with the product – especially the scent. I’ll definitely be ordering more!